Together with our partners and collaborators we create temporary experiences in empty spaces..
Chop Suey projects and products are designed in close consultation with the client. This guarantees a unique brand related customer experience




Activities in public spaces are designed for specific target groups and are often related to ongoing events.



Pop-ups offer liveliness in empty shopping areas, prevent vandalism and prevent an abandoned street scene



Social Design

  The sustainability label offers the customer immediate info, about the origin of the raw materials and the social aspects of the product

Pop-Up Conceptstore with LunchCafe


Initiated as part of the upgrading of shopping centre Heuvel Eindhoven The Netherlands



A platform for young designers, entrepeneurs and craftsmen. Products that tell a story, a mix of contemporary, sustainable and social design. 


CornerCafe as part of the shopping experience in the CornerStore, a shop-in-shop concept.


The bucketlights create a great atmospere in the CornerCafe. Designed by Much2C, made from reused plastics. 

Trendy BeachCafe added on to the CornerStore

To liven up one of the major shopping centre’s entrances, the BeachCafe is added on to the CornerStore. A place to chill, eat vegan burgers, enjoy music and use free WIFI, during a shopping break. Filling up these empty retail spaces with high quality concepts makes shopping more enjoyable for visitors. Future tenants discover the unlimited possibilities of the spaces,  which were let to regular tenants within three to fifteen months. 



Sandy floor, Street Art design and a relaxed atmosphere invite the shoppers to chill out.


Applied Street Art makes the BeachCafe a one of a kind experience. Great to chill and to consume some healthy food.


Visitors walk from the BeachCafe straight into the CornerStore. The platform with beanbags can easily be turned into a stage for starting musicians.


Dutch Design Week Eindhoven


Trashure Light in collaboration with Volle Kracht and Much2C, as part of Design for Kids, during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Children create their own design with waste material, with the light objects of designers duo Much2C as a source of inspiration.

A Volle Kracht concept. In tiny sheds, kids and their parents are challenged, to design with discarded materials, electronics, urban gardening and archeology.

A Volle Kracht concept. In tiny sheds, kids and their parents are challenged, to design with discarded materials, electronics, urban gardening and archeology.

trashure light.jpg

Daily used and discarded plastics are turned into fun objects by kids and their parents.


Playing XXL Bingo, a discarded object from shopping centre Heuvel upgrading, is reused during Design for Kids.


Social Design

Sports for Children 'Old Skool' collection available at Sports for Children webshop and at Shopping Centre Heuvel Eindhoven Netherlands. Awesome Streetstyle bag collection in collab with Sports for Children.


Jacket designed by Borre Akkersdijk, made at Citydwellers Studio by fashion students and interns. Made from strong reused Dutch De Waard tents. In collaboration with Social Label.


Interns, schools en Citydwellers collaborate in expo's, studio production and events


Activities in public space. During the Glow lightfestival, shopping centre Heuvel participates with a great lightobject. Kids can create their own flashlight, from discarded spraycans to take along on the Glow route.