The return to a simpler way of life, the re-use of materials, ecologically friendly innovations and a vibrant cultural mix is a world-wide current trend.


ChopSuey follows the movement of consumers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals who want to make a difference in 21st Century Lifestyle.

ChopSuey products and projects are designed for those, with awareness of the well being of people and the environment.


ChopSuey projects bridge the gap between designers, craftsmen, interns and professionals.
People, environment, the re-usability and upcycling of raw materials and elements of communication play an important role.

Our projects tell a story

We encourage cross-overs in and outside The Netherlands
We encourage young designers and interns to interact.


  • Heuvelgalerie 235-237, Eindhoven
    The Netherlands
  • tue-fri: 10.00 - 17.00

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